Pros and Cons of a Walk In Tub

The elderly and disabled often find bathing to be difficult, as transferring themselves from their wheelchairs over the tub side is taxing and dangerous. If they are not sitting or supervised, many elderly and disabled people fall over in the bath and shower, leading to broken bones and other serious injuries. Getting a walk in tub easily helps to switch the person from a wheelchair to a sitting tub all without having to walk over the tub side where they could trip.

Here Are Some Pros and Cons of Getting a Walk in Tub


A Walk in Tub Is A Safer Way For the Elderly and Disabled to Bathe

People with mobility issues will have a safer bathing experience as they will be able to sit down. The doors to the tub are also slip proof and textured for easier gripping.


While having to wait for the tub to fill, you will be sitting there chilly until the warm water reaches you. This is a small price to pay for safety.

Uses a lot of Water

Because walk in tubs are about twice the size of a normal bathtub, that is twice the amount of hot water you are using. Homeowners may have to get a new water heater that can keep up with the walk in tub as it will drain the water heater much quicker.

More Expensive than Regular Tub

A walk in tub costs around $2,500 for purchase and installation. A regular tub can be as low as $200 but go up to $2,000.

Adds Curb Appeal

If you live in a retirement community, having a walk in tub is a huge selling point and boosts the value of your home as many homebuyers will want this feature.

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