4 Benefits of a Hydrotherapy Tub

To many people, going to the spa is a gift they treat themselves to once a year. When it is over, you wish you could take the spa home with you. But what if you could? With a hydrotherapy tub, it’s like getting a massage and relaxing soak all in one in the comfort of your own home. A hydrotherapy tub uses water jets to work out stiffness and pain in the body. Many people with arthritis, scoliosis, or poor blood circulation find hydrotherapeutic tubs beneficial for relieving pain. Here are some benefits of a hydrotherapy tub.

Massage Joint Pain

Therapeutic jets provide a steady pounding of pressurized water onto your aching muscles and joints, massaging and providing you relief where you need it.

A Hydrotherapy Tub is Great For Massaging Aching Joints

Heat Therapy

The warm water helps increase the flow of blood and circulation, relaxes and soothes aching muscles and joints.

Peace of Mind

People take baths because they are relaxing. This hydro therapeutic tub can help relieve stress. The warm water can help make you drowsy, which could be beneficial if you have sleeping problems.

Easy to Use

When you are in pain or disabled, the last thing you want to do is struggle to get into the bath to try and relieve said pain. That is why hydrotherapy tubs are built like walk-in tubs.

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