Seated Shower Installation

What Is A Seated Shower?

Built-In Shower Seat

A Built-In Shower Seat Is A Great Way To Make Independent Showers Safer For Seniors And Disabled Loved Ones.

Does your current shower have an added seat to make showering easier for yourself or a loved one with impaired mobility? While shower seats are useful, the safest option is to go with a built-in shower seat, for better stability. Falls in the shower are very common in elderly women and men because the shower is a slippery and confined space that can be difficult to maneuver in. At Lone Star Walk In Tubs, we are committed to helping individuals take safer showers, by installing more reliable equipment. To learn more, or to discuss your needs with one of our experts, call (972) 581-9865 today and schedule an appointment. From accessible showers to walk-in tubs, we have the solutions you want and need!

Quality Built-In Shower Seat Installation

Unlike traditional shower seats that you can purchase online or at your local supermarket, a built-in shower seat provides you with a stable, sanitary, and easy to clean support area.

Built-In Shower Seats

You Can Even Choose To Have More than One Built-In Shower Seat!

Our high quality shower bases with built-in shower seats are made from durable acrylic and a smooth surface that can be fully disinfected to prevent infection. Removable shower seats have plenty of holes and crevices that can hold moisture and foster the growth of mildew and bacteria. Furthermore, the reliable stability of a built-in shower seat allows you to shower safely on your own. Designed to help you retain your independence in the bathroom, all of our seats are available at the ADA regulated height, but custom heights are sometimes available. 

We have a wide variety of shower bases and styles to choose from, and all of them have options that are useful for seniors, or those with disabilities. For example, besides reliable seating, we can install secure safety handrails along the walls of your showers, as well as provide easy access to the water controls from the seated area. Our showers are almost exclusively low threshold as well, which eliminates another fall-risk from your bathroom. If you’re ready to upgrade to a shower with a built-in shower seat in Bartonville, TX, give us a call today at (972) 581-9865! We even provide you with a free in-home consultation, during which you can discuss all of your needs with one of our experts. Call now!