Combination Walk-In Bath & Shower

Replace Your Shower Or Tub

Shower Replacement

Secure Safety Bars Can Prevent Falls, And Help You Stay Balanced.

Is your current bathtub or shower unable to accommodate your needs? At Lone Star Walk In Tubs, we offer fast and affordable shower and bathtub replacement in Bartonville, TX and the surrounding areas. As a company dedicated to improving the independence and home life of seniors and disabled individuals in DFW, we work hard to provide high quality walk-in tubs and accessible showers that make your life easier. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your bathroom today, and we are happy to explain why. Read on, or call our experts today at (972) 695-3027 to learn more!

Why Replace?

Generally speaking, many families worry when a loved one can no longer bathe safely on their own. Oftentimes, they will call for a caregiver, or make plans to relocate their loved one to a facilitated living home. However, by replacing your bathtub or shower, you can save thousands of dollars, as well as allow your loved one to retain their independence. 

Shower and Bathtub Replacement

Replacing Your tub With A Safety Shower Can Give You A Bigger Shower With a Low Threshold And A Seat!

Bathtub Replacements

  • If you currently have a bathtub in place that no longer suits your needs, we have a wide variety of walk-in tubs you can choose from. Some of our tubs are meant to accommodate those with limited balance or mobility, and others are designed to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs. If you struggle with aches and pains, or conditions such as arthritis, you can also find our bath options with hydrotherapy features! We provide options such as bariatic tubs and more. If you are unhappy with having a bathtub at all, we can also replace your current bathtub with a newer, safer shower option.

Shower Replacements

  • Traditional showers are often small, and very slippery. If your current shower is not safe enough for you or a loved one, we can replace it with a specially designed shower for increased accessibility. This includes a sturdy, built in seat, as well as safety grab bars for stability getting in and out of the shower. We can also fit your new shower with an adjustable or handheld showerhead, allowing you to shower comfortably from a seated position. If however, you currently have a shower and would like to upgrade to a walk-in tub option, we can help you with that as well!

Whatever your needs might be, if you or a loved one need shower and bathtub replacement in Bartonville, TX or the surrounding areas, our team of experts is here to help. Call us today at (972) 695-3027 to schedule your free in-home consultation, and find out how you can get started today!