Are walk in tubs safe for seniors?

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How much water does a walk in tub require?

Are walk in tubs good for seniors? Yes, but walk in tubs for senior citizens can also be beneficial for those with physical challenges or disabilities too. It doesn’t have to be just for an elderly parent or grandparent moving in with you, a walk in tub could be the answer for anyone needing assistance with the basics of daily hygiene.

If a walk in tub is something you’ve considered for your home, for any reason, you probably have questions.  Within this piece today, we’re going to review some common questions and some that you may wonder but won’t ask out loud.  Read on to learn a bit more about walk in tubs for the home. 

A walk in tub is taller than standard bathtub, but it won’t require that much more water. In fact, depending on how you’re accustomed to taking your bath in a standard bathtub, it may use less. The average amount of water used in a standard tub is between 42 gallons and up to 80 gallons versus the 50 gallons of a walk in tub. 

As you shop around for a walk in tub, inquire if they are able to upgrade your water heater to a larger capacity so that you have all the hot water you need for those long deep soaks!  There are several different models of walk in tubs with some including safety features like handrails built in, floors with slip resistance, and low step entry with contoured seating built in. Look for therapeutic features as well like aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and water jets all built in to walk in tubs. 

How do walk in tubs not leak?

One look at a walk in tub and the first question that comes to mind is “How does the water not leak out?”. A quality walk in tub and a knowledgeable salesperson will show you how the walk in tub’s design creates a front wall when the door is closed. The independence a walk in tub will offer the user is unsurpassed. The following features keep the water securely inside the walk in tub, making iit a safe way to bath without worry of slipping and falling. 

  • A sealing edge fits the door preventing water from leaking.
  • The door must be closed before the walk in tub fills up.
  • The door won’t opened until the water has drained from the walk in tub and a fast drain feature is available on several models.
  • When water reaches the edge of the walk in tub, the same method of sealing the standard tub are used to keep the water inside. 

Every aspect of a walk in tub installation is the same as the standard tub installation, with beneficial features for the disabled, handicapped, or the unsure elderly. 

How long does it take for a walk in tub to drain?

Remember, the tub won’t fill or drain when the door is open, so getting the upgrade to a heated seat and rapid drain is recommended to keep the body warm as the walk-in tub fills and drains.  With the standard drain, it can take 15 minutes before the door will release and open. With a rapid drain upgrade, that wait time is cut down to 8 minutes on average. 

Can you use bubble bath in a walk in tub?

Today, a walk in tub will have jets or whirlpool to provide the hydrotherapy feature. You can use a bubble bath product, just not as much as you would in a standard bathtub. Why? Because the jetted and whirlpool actions agitate the product, creating more bubbles than you would have in a standard tub. As you shop for a walk in tub, ask the salesperson to verify the manufacturer’s advice on this topic. Then choose a bath product that features low foam, water soluble and approved for a jetted tub. Be sure to thorough clean the tub after bathing. 

Can you use Epsom salts in a walk-in tub?

Yes, in moderation, Epsom salts can be used in a walk in tub. The tub should be cleaned thoroughly afterward, and once a month, changing, or cleaning the filter is recommended. 

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Are walk-in tubs covered by medicare?

Unfortunately, the cost of walk in tub for seniors is not covered by original Medicare. However, financial assistance may be available from Mediate in some rare instances in order of reimbursement. Meaning, you must pay for the walk in tub out of pocket and file a claim and a reimbursement check will be issued. 

With Medicare Advantage, benefits for health related supplements was updated in 2018 and if you can prove any of the following, you may be eligible for financial assistance I paying for a walk in tub: 

  • Diagnose, prevent, or treat a disease, injury
  • Help needed with physical injuries or weaknesses
  • Provide better function and/or psychologically of physical and heath issues
  • Reduce possible need of emergency care

Before making the decision to purchase a walk in tub, review your Medicare and Medicare Advantages as well as any private insurance for financial assistance. This cost should include the purchase and installation of the walk in tub.  The installation could require some reconfiguring and remodeling of the current bathroom. Call (972) 695-3027 today for your walk in tub installation in Bartonville, TX.