Ardmore, OK Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In BathtubsDo you struggle with baths at home, or have you ever fallen while entering the tub or shower? At AZTX Walk In Tubs, we are specialists in in-home bath solutions for elderly and disabled individuals. We can provide your home with high quality walk-in bathtubs in Ardmore, OK, along with functional and accessible showers. Call (972) 695-3027 to begin now, and ask about the no-cost, in-home consultations we offer to our customers. During this consultation, we can discuss exactly what you are needing from your bathing solutions, as well as explore which designs will fit most efficiently in your current bathroom.

American-Made Walk-In Bathtubs

Advanced age, as well as certain medical conditions, can cause mobility impairment issues that limit our ability to carry out certain daily activities. This limited mobility bothers many individuals over the age of 65, and slick places such as bathtubs and showers can quickly become a very risky place. Specifically designed showers or walk-in bathtubs are created to let you safely remain independent at home. A simple way to make your shower more secure is to install a built-in shower seat for dependable and sanitary support. With a selection of custom amenities to pick from, our accessible showers are designed to work for your requirements. For similar safety, but extra relaxation, our walk-in bathtubs are a fantastic way to safely enjoy a hot and pleasant soak.

We even offer walk-in bathtubs with hydrotherapy features meant to deliver luxury and relaxation to the privacy of your restroom. Contacting our professionals at (972) 695-3027 is the first step towards your installation. Make your home’s restroom safer today with a quality AZTX Walk In Tubs installation!

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Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

If you are interested in installing a walk-in bathtub to your home, it is essential to know precisely what your requirements are. For this reason, we will perform a free in-home consultation with each of our customers. This consultation takes place in-home so that you can also discuss which tubs will fit in your restroom, as well as suit your needs. To begin your walk-in tub installation process now, click on the links underneath, or give us a call at (972) 581-9865!

Handicap Bathtubs & Showers

Handicap Bathtubs And Showers

If you or a family member live with a handicap, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the right appliances to fit your lifestyle. We provide a wide selection of handicap tubs and showers to help our clients to have one less appliance to worry about. With the installation of These specifically designed tubs and showers, you have the chance to maintain more independence in the bathroom, in addition to a safer experience. You can contact our office at (972) 581-9865 to speak with a professional about handicap tub or shower options.

Accessible Showers

Low Threshold Shower Installation

If you have a traditional standing shower in your bathroom now, chances are that it has a ledge of over an inch high to prevent water from spilling out. Though that ledge is a smart way to keep the floor clean, it actually presents a dangerous fall risk for seniors and the mobility impaired. Slippery floors are dangerous enough without adding a tall ledge into the equation! We search for ways to make showering safer, and low threshold shower bases are a safe step in the proper direction! Request your low threshold shower installation now at (972) 581-9865!