Edmond, OK Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In Bathtubs Do you struggle with baths at home, or have you ever slipped while entering the bath or shower? To address this, the professionals at AZTX Walk In Tubs have a selection of bath as well as shower solutions designed for elderly or handicapped individuals. If you are hoping to buy a more easily accessible shower, or to consider reliable and sturdy walk-in bathtubs in Edmond, OK, you can rely on our years of experience. Contact (972) 695-3027 to get started now, and ask about the no-cost, in-home consultations we offer to our customers. During this meeting, we can discuss exactly what you are needing from your bathing solution, along with explore which designs will work best in your home’s current bathroom.

Safe And Secure Walk-In Bathtubs

If you are dealing with impaired mobility from advanced age, or an underlying ailment, you understand that some activities that were formerly simple for you have become increasingly difficult. This limited mobility bothers many seniors older than 65, so slick places like bathtubs and showers will rapidly become a very risky place. If you want to stay independent or bathe alone, there are many safer alternatives on the market, such as seated showers and walk-in bathtubs. An easy way to make your shower more secure is to add a built-in shower seat for reliable and clean balance. With the personalized design, your shower can even offer other amenities that are adjusted to your specific needs. If you rather a warm and relaxing bath, our walk-in bathtubs provide even more safety features for your needs.

We even offer walk-in bathtubs with hydrotherapy features designed to bring luxury and relaxation to the privacy of your home. To discover more, or to order your installation today, contact our experts at (972) 695-3027. When you purchase a walk-in tub from AZTX Walk In Tubs, you know you are getting top notch quality, service, as well as safety!

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Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

If you’re interested in adding a walk-in bathtub to your house, it’s essential to know precisely what your requirements are. This is why we are more than glad to provide our clients with free in-home consultations. During your consultation, we can talk about your wants and requirements, as well as determine which model will accommodate in your lifestyle as well as your bathroom. If you would like to request a walk-in tub installation for your home, call our team at (972) 581-9865 today, or check out the links below.

Handicap Bathtubs & Showers

Handicap Bathtubs And Showers

Living alone at home can sometimes be challenging with a handicap, especially if your home is not equipped for your requirements. Ease of use plays a major role in quality of living, which is why we work to deliver easily accessible handicap bathtub as well as shower solutions. A handicap shower or tub installation can provide you with the comfort and peace of mind you search for in your bathing experience. To discover more, or to get started, contact our office at (972) 581-9865 and schedule your free in home consultation!

Accessible Showers

Low Threshold Shower Installation

Typical showers are often designed with a ledge or lip that is designed to keep water from splashing onto your floor. Though the design is useful at times, it’s also dangerous for senior citizens and other individuals who have difficulty maintaining their balance. A ledge can easily be tripped on, and merely attempting to step over something of that height can lead to a loss of balance. That is why we provide seated and low threshold shower choices as the perfect solution. Request your low threshold shower installation now at (972) 581-9865!