Broken Arrow, OK Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In BathtubsAre you looking for a less dangerous, more secure method to enjoy a bath? To handle this, the professionals at AZTX Walk In Tubs have a variety of bath as well as shower options created for senior or handicapped individuals. We offer accessible showers as well as walk-in bathtubs in Broken Arrow, OK, and we have plenty of experience offering fast and clean installations. To get started, call (972) 695-3027 and schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our bath professionals. During this consultation, we will discuss exactly what you need from your bath solutions, along with explore which designs will fit best in your current bathroom.

American-Made Walk-In Bathtubs

When you face impaired mobility, you know that certain areas of your life aren’t as easy as they used to be, including bathing. This limited mobility bothers many seniors older than 65, so slick places such as bathtubs and showers can quickly become a very risky place. There are several safer options in the industry, and quality walk-in bathtubs or accessible showers can allow you to maintain your independence at home. A simple way to make your shower more secure is to add a built-in shower seat for reliable and clean support. With a variety of customized options to pick from, our accessible showers are designed to cater to your needs. If you prefer baths to showers, our walk-in bathtubs are also stable alternatives to normal bathtubs, and can cater to your own requirements.

If you’re interested in a spa experience, our hydrotherapy systems are a fantastic way to have a therapeutic bath at home. Request your installation now by contacting us at (972) 695-3027, or call an expert to discover more. Make your restroom safer today with a quality AZTX Walk In Tubs installation!

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Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Discussing the need behind a walk-in tub installation is the first step in the process. This is why we’re more than glad to provide our clients with free in-home consultations. This consultation takes place in-home so that you can also talk about which models will fit in your restroom, as well as meet your needs. Request your in-home consultation for walk-in bathtub installation now by contacting our professionals at (972) 581-9865!

  • Why Choose A Walk-In Bathtub? Unlike traditional bathtubs, walk-in tubs are designed to provide you with a safe, as well as relaxing experience.
  • Safety Tubs Safety bathtubs are designed to help you avoid falls with the use of different additions and security measures.
  • Senior Walk-In Bathtubs Designed to be comfortable, safe, and sanitary, bathtubs for seniors are a great choice for your home.
  • Sitting Bathtubs & Step in Bathtubs Step-in bathtubs with seats are the safe alternative to traditional tubs and showers.

Handicap Bathtubs & Showers

Handicap Bathtubs And Showers

If you or a family member live with a handicap, you know that sometimes it can be difficult to locate the ideal appliances to accommodate your lifestyle. We provide a wide selection of handicap tubs and showers to help our clients to have one less appliance to worry about. These specially designed bathtubs and showers are created to supply you with a safe and more comfortable bathing experience. You can reach our office at (972) 581-9865 to speak to a professional about handicap tub or shower options.

Accessible Showers

Low Threshold Shower Installation

In most shower designs, it is not unheard of to see a threshold of between 2 and 3 inches that’s designed to keep water inside of the shower and away from the floor. While such a ledge is a smart way to keep the floor dry, it also poses a dangerous fall risk for senior citizens and the mobility impaired. Stepping over an edge of any height onto a wet surface creates the perfect storm for slips and falls. We look for ways to make showering safe, and low threshold shower bases are one safe step in the proper direction! Request your low threshold shower installation today at (972) 581-9865!