Mesquite, TX Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In Bathtubs Are you in danger of slipping or falling in your home’s current shower? Here in the DFW area, you can count on AZTX Walk In Tubs for any of your senior or disabled bathtub and shower solutions. Our team has years of expertise providing high quality walk-in bathtubs in Mesquite, TX, and the nearby cities, and we can supply you with accessible shower solutions too. To begin, call (972) 581-9865 and set up your free in-home consultation with one of our bath experts. This meeting is utilized to not only assess the dimensions and design of your bathroom, but to also find out which one of our solutions will best accommodate your personal requirements.

Professionally Installed Walk-In Bathtubs

If you face impaired mobility, you understand that certain areas of your life aren’t as easy as they used to be, such as taking a bath independently. For many persons over 65 year old, impaired mobility leaves baths as well as showers risky, and often an area of injury. Specifically designed showers and walk-in bathtubs are available to help you safely remain independent at home. A simple way to make your shower safer is to install a built-in shower seat for reliable and clean support. Furthermore, accessible shower designs enable you to enjoy your complete shower from the security of the seat without risking your balance. If you prefer soaks to showers, our walk-in bathtubs are also stable alternatives to normal bathtubs, and will cater to your personal requirements.

As an effort to improve the luxury and enjoyment of your new tub, our bathtubs even sport deluxe hydromassage systems. To request a brochure, or to schedule your own installation, you can call us at (972) 581-9865! For better customer service, and quality products, you can count on AZTX Walk In Tubs!

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Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

For ideal results, it’s essential to make your requirements and wants clear prior to your walk-in bathtub installation. That’s why our professionals perform your free in-home consultation. During your consultation, our experts can figure out which type of walk-in tub bathtub installation will work best in your current restroom, and which kind will serve your needs most effectively. Schedule your in-home consultation for walk-in bathtub installation today by contacting our professionals at (972) 581-9865!

  • Why Choose A Walk-In Bathtub? Unlike traditional bathtubs, walk-in tubs are designed to provide you with a safe, as well as relaxing experience.
  • Safety Tubs More seniors are injured n falls each year than any other injury, so safety bathtubs are a good step to take.
  • Senior Walk-In Bathtubs Walk-in bathtubs for seniors are designed to allow you to bathe confidently and comfortably.
  • Sitting Bathtubs & Step in Bathtubs If you’d like to enjoy a soaking bath, but have trouble crouching or reclining in a normal tub, a sitting tub might be right for you!

Handicap Bathtubs & Showers

Handicap Bathtubs And Showers

Living independently at home can often be challenging with a handicap, especially if your house is not suited to your needs. Thankfully, your tub no longer needs to be a cause for concern, thanks to our plentiful handicap bathtub and shower options! These specially designed bathtubs and showers are meant to supply you with a safe and more comfortable bathing experience. If you’re interested in hearing your options for handicap bathtubs or showers, speak with any of our experts at (972) 581-9865 today!

Accessible Showers

Low Threshold Shower Installation

If you have a traditional standalone shower in your bathroom currently, chances are that it has a ledge of over an inch high to prevent water from leaking out. While that ledge is a smart way to keep the floor clean, it also presents a dangerous fall risk for senior citizens and the mobility impaired. It’s more difficult to maintain traction when passing over a threshold and onto a slippery floor. In order to make showering a safe experience, we provide low threshold shower options, along with built in shower seats. Order your low threshold shower installation today at (972) 581-9865!