Jewett, TX Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In BathtubsIs your current tub or shower too slick and dangerous for your current needs? As specialists in elderly and disabled bathing solutions, the professionals at AZTX Walk In Tubs can assist you. We offer accessible showers as well as walk-in bathtubs in Jewett, TX, and we have years of expertise offering fast and clean installations. To begin, contact (972) 581-9865 and set up your free in-home consultation with one of our bath professionals. This consultation will be utilized to not only assess the dimensions and design of your bathroom, but to also find out which one of our systems will effectively accommodate your personal needs.

Professionally Installed Walk-In Bathtubs

If you face impaired mobility, you know that many parts of your life are not as easy as they once were, including taking a bath independently. This is the case for many individuals over age 65, and because of this limited mobility, many seniors are not able to bathe easily at home. If you want to remain independent or bathe alone, there are many safer alternatives on the market, including seated showers and walk-in bathtubs. For individuals that prefer showers to baths, a sturdy and easy-to-clean built-in seat can improve the security of your shower instantly. With a specialized design, your shower can even offer other amenities that are catered to your particular requirements. If you prefer baths to showers, our walk-in bathtubs are also safe alternatives to normal bathtubs, and will cater to your personal needs.

As an effort to increase the luxury and pleasure of your new tub, our bathtubs even have deluxe hydrotherapy systems. To discover more, or to order your installation now, call our team at (972) 581-9865. For quality customer service, and quality products, you can depend on AZTX Walk In Tubs!

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Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Discussing the reason behind a walk-in tub installation is the first step in the process. In order to provide our clients with optimal service, we consistently conduct a free in-home consultation. During this consultation, we can talk about your wants and needs, as well as determine which model will fit in your lifestyle and your bathroom. To start your walk-in tub installation process now, click on the links underneath, or give us a call at (972) 581-9865!

  • Why Choose A Walk-In Bathtub? Walk-in bathtubs are a great addition to any home, as they are safe, as well as very luxurious!
  • Safety Tubs Safety bathtubs prevent falls and slips with a variety of reliable amenities.
  • Senior Walk-In Bathtubs Walk-in bathtubs for seniors are designed to allow you to bathe confidently and comfortably.
  • Sitting Bathtubs & Step in Bathtubs If you’d like to enjoy a soaking bath, but have trouble crouching or reclining in a normal tub, a sitting tub might be right for you!

Handicap Bathtubs & Showers

Handicap Bathtubs And Showers

Living with any handicap can lead to certain problems with in-home appliances. We supply a wide selection of handicap tubs and showers to help our clients to have one less appliance to worry about. Your handicap shower or bathtub installation can provide you with the comfort and peace of mind you look for in your bathing experience. To discover more, or to get started, call our office at (972) 581-9865 and request your free in home consultation!

Accessible Showers

Low Threshold Shower Installation

Typical showers are generally designed with an edge or lip that is designed to prevent water from splashing onto your floor. While that ledge is a great way to keep the floor clean, it actually poses a dangerous fall risk for seniors as well as the mobility impaired. Wet floors are risky enough without adding a high ledge into the equation! We search for methods to make showering safe, and low threshold showers are one safe step in the proper direction! When you’re prepared for a better showering experience, call (972) 581-9865 to order your low threshold shower installation now!

  • Seated Shower Installation Protecting yourself from dangerous falls in the shower starts with a sturdy and reliable built-in shower seat.
  • Shower & Bathtub Replacements If your current bath or shower is not safely meeting your needs, we can assist you with a new installation of an accessible option.
  • Low Threshold Shower Installation Stepping over a high threshold into a slippery shower can be dangerous for your balance. Low thresholds are much safer.