Bathtubs and Joint Pain

Seniors are familiar with joint pain. However, they’re not the only ones; plenty of people have joint pain. Long-term runners can develop knee problems, people who spend their days sitting often have hip pain, and more. A hot soak can be great for this, but climbing in and out of the bathtub isn’t always good for those joints. Consider soaking in a walk-in tub for joint pain.

Soak More Comfortably

You know that soaking can be relaxing and relieve pain. However, the mechanics of getting in and out of the tub isn’t. It might be downright difficult if you’re very stiff. You can minimize the difficulty with a tub that allows you to open the door and sit down. This puts less pressure on your joints when taking your bath.

If it’s your instinct to grab something when you move, add a grab bar to your installation. It’s never a good idea to grab towel or rag racks, nozzles, and other parts that can are unstable. A grab bar offers plenty of help.

Bathtub with Water and Accessories

Soak for Joint Pain

When you get into the walk-in tub, you can have everything within easy reach. These tubs are made so that you can sit in a comfortable position and everything is within easy reach. There’s no bending over for something, or trying to stabilize yourself against the shower wall while you wash. You simply sit and soak, and reach out a short distance when you need something.

Make your soak even better for your joint pain. Get a walk-in tub and make your baths the best, most relaxing experience, whatever your age. Call AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC at (972) 695-3027 in Dallas, TX.