Get the Ultimate Bathroom Makeover- on a Realistic Budget

Walk In Tub

Installing a Walk In Tub Is A Great Bathroom Remodel Option For Seniors

Deciding to undergo any form of home renovation is a massive project. Whether it is just a minor shower installation or a full-scale kitchen remodel, these home design projects cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. That is why it is important to have a set plan like a bathroom remodeling checklist and a budget in place before undergoing any construction on your home to keep yourself from overspending. If you are wanting a bathroom remodel for your Bartonville, TX home, contact AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC at (972) 581-9865 today.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

If you are looking for ways to remodel a bathroom on a budget, there are plenty. From bathroom renovations such as only focusing on one important aspect like upgrading only the shower or regrouting new tile walls, there are always small things you can do to revamp your bathroom for cheap. You can also choose the option of remodeling your bathroom in multiple little areas, but by only making minimal and budget friendly changes. Some bathroom remodel ideas that you could do on a budget include updating fixtures, paint and install some of the plumbing yourself to save money on contractors, and refurbishing used and already-installed bathroom appliances.

Bathroom Remodeling For Seniors

Most bathroom remodel projects are done either by young couples renovating their newly bought first home or parents expanding the bathroom and making it more kid-friendly. But what about bathrooms that need to be remodeled to be made more senior-friendly? No big changes are absolutely required to accommodate the elderly, and small bathroom remodels are all that can be needed. Small bathroom remodel ideas to create safe and accessible bathrooms for seniors include:

  • Low threshold shower installation. Walk in tubs and zero-threshold showers allow seniors to safely bathe without the risk of tripping over the edge of the tub or the bottom of the shower. Walk in tubs come with seats, and there are some walk in showers that have built in seats as well. Zero-threshold showers also have no curb, which allows for wheelchairs to easily enter into the shower. These would be the biggest bathroom renovation makeover, as the old shower or tub would have to be completely removed for the tub senior-friendly tub to be installed.
  • Grab bars. Grab bars help to catch a person and lets them have something to grab onto if they slip and fall in the shower. Coming in the form of long metal rails on either side of the shower or as handles on the wall, these are there as preventative safety measures.
  • Hand-held shower head. Having a hand-held shower head that you can control allows you to be able to control the temperature to reduce the chance of burning yourself. It is also better for wheelchair users and prevents risk-prone seniors from having to stand under a shower head.
  • Wide bathroom. If you are a wheelchair user, having a big enough bathroom that your wheelchair can enter, turn, and move around in is critical. Wheelchairs need a 5-foot turning radius and at least 34 inches of width to be able to fit through doors.
  • Bidet. Providing dignity and safety, bidets also help to keep seniors clean. When it is time to stand, support bars should be installed right next to the toilet for assistance.
  • Pull out drawers. Safer and easier to use than overhead cabinets, these drawers can be installed under the sink or in lower and easily-accessible places. This prevents the need to stand to reach for a tall cabinet and reduces the risk of falls.

How Much Will it Cost To Remodel My Bathroom?

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A Wheelchair-Friendly Bathroom Remodel Requires A Lot of Space

While the average whole-bathroom remodel costs around $11,000, you don’t have to opt for a complete room remodel. There are a lot of ways you can remodel your bathroom on a budget, such as only refurnishing certain key pieces like only upgrading the sink or shower, and not remodeling the entire room. So what are the benefits of spending all this money on interior remodeling in DFW? You not only get a more aesthetically pleasing washroom, but your property value increases.

The first thing many potential homebuyers look at when shopping for new houses are the bathroom, as this is where so much of a person’s time is spent. If a bathroom is more modern with newer appliances, then people are more likely to put down an offer to buy the home. So how much does a bathroom remodel add to home value? Anywhere from 50 to 66%. That means that you can get half of the cost back on what it cost in bathroom renovations in the resale value. Call AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC at (972) 581-9865 for bathroom remodel services in Bartonville, TX such as walk in tub installation and more.