Step-In Bathtub Options

What Is A Step-In Bathtub?

Step-In Bathtub

Step-In Bathtubs Are Safe, Luxurious, And Even Come With Built-In Seats.

If you are one of the thousands of individuals that has difficulty with balance, or other conditions such as arthritis, climbing in and out of the tub can seem like a risk not worth taking! However, for conditions such as arthritis, warm soaks in the bathtub are highly recommended by physicians. A high quality step-in tub might just be the exact solution you’ve been searching for. With low threshold entryways, getting in an out of the tub is as simple as taking a normal walking step. Also known as a bariatric tub, this choice for your home is one you won’t regret. Once you step inside the tub, our tubs provide you with an ergonomic seat equipped with reliable and sturdy handholds mounted within the walls of the tub. Together, these amenities take the stress out of bathing so that you can once again enjoy the pleasure of a hot and relaxing bath. If you’re ready to request you step-in bathtub in Bartonville, TX or the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place! Give our team a call at (972) 695-3027 now to schedule your free in-home consultation, or request an appointment in our office to discuss your bathing needs!

What Are The Benefits?

Step-in Tub

Our Step-In Tubs Provide Low Threshold Entry, As Well As Safety Support Bars For Additional Support.

What makes a step-in bathtub different? Unlike traditional tubs, a step-in tub has an inward or outward swinging door that allows you to enter and exit the tub without risking your balance. A traditional tub typically has a 1.5-foot wall height, but with compromised balance from injuries or even simple aging, that 1.5 feet can seem 4 or 5 feet high! Step-in bathtubs are a great way to take the risk and hassle out of your bath. Even better, the majority of step-in bathtubs we offer also double as sitting bathtubs. A sitting bathtub takes additional risks out of the bath by allowing you to sit as if in a regular chair. Leaning back into a traditional bath is not only risky but also quite difficult as we get older. A sitting tub also makes it easier to get up and exit the tub when your bath is complete.

If you are interested in learning more about how you or a loved one can benefit from a step-in bathtub in Bartonville, TX, or the surrounding areas, give us a call today at (972) 695-3027! We have a wide variety of step-in bathtubs, as well as sitting tubs to choose from. If you or your loved one moves more frequently with the assistance of a wheelchair, we also have wheelchair accessible bathtubs that can accommodate these needs as well.