Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtubs

Our Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtubs Allow You To Enjoy A Relaxing And Rejuvenating Bath, Safely And Securely.

If you primarily use a wheelchair for mobility, it can sometimes be difficult to find home amenities that truly seem to accommodate your needs. At AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC, we are dedicated to helping all of our clients find ideal bathing solutions that address all of their bathtub or shower needs. That’s why we offer not one, but several types of wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs in Bartonville, TX and the surrounding areas. Also known as a bariatric tub, you can rely on our company to provide you with a dependable, accessible tub. Our wheelchair accessible walk-in bathtubs and showers are designed to enrich your at-home bathing experience in more ways than one!

Safer, Smarter

When it comes to making the ideal bathtub for wheelchair accessibility, there are several factors to consider. Primarily, we address entry and exit options.

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

These Tubs Give You Full And Easy Entry And Exit To Your Tub.

For the easiest, and smoothest entry and exit, the majority of our wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs are fitted with an outward hinging door that allows the user to seamlessly slide from their chair into the seat inside the tub. A simple lever located on the top of the doors operates the door latch and makes for easy opening or secure closing of the door with minimal effort. Additionally, you can rely on easy to reach controls located close to the seated area, minimizing the need for any leaning or reaching. Many of our tubs can also be fitted with hydrotherapy features to enhance your bathing experience, and provide you with therapeutic pain relief, as well as a luxurious bath experience.

At AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC, we understand the value of your independence. If you are worried that you are losing your Independence due to needing assistance to safely use your standard bath at home, it may be time to upgrade. With a high-quality wheelchair accessible walk-in tub in your home, you can take back your independence, as well as enjoy the benefits or a relaxing and comforting bath at home once more. To schedule an appointment at our office, or to request your free in-home consultation, give us a call at (972) 581-9865 today! We are happy to explain all of the available options for wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs in Bartonville, TX.