How Do I Make My Shower Handicap Accessible?

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As your loved ones get older, everyone may begin to realize that certain aspects of their lifestyle are a little harder to accomplish. One area this becomes very apparent is in the bathroom. Showers and tubs are not designed for those that are older or those with disabilities. Rather than take the risk of someone becoming injured in the tub or shower, why not consider an accessible shower? When you work with AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC, this will be an ADA certified shower or tub that can be used by anyone with arthritis, disability, or just anyone that’s having difficulty getting into the bath. Call us today at (972) 581-9865 about a handicap shower installation in Bartonville, TX. 

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What is a Handicap Shower? 

Perhaps the more pertinent question would be, is a handicap shower installation necessary? If you are older or disabled, then the answer is clear. Yes, a specialized shower is absolutely necessary. That in mind, a handicap accessible shower is more than just a handrail or seat. There are specific guidelines laid out by the ADA that explain what a correct and legal handicap accessible shower is. According to their standards, an ADA compliant shower will meet certain interior measurements and so will the threshold. For a transfer shower, the interior minimum should be around 36”x36” with a ½” curb, while a roll-in shower has a minimum of around 60”x30” for the interior. Your shower must meet these requirements in order to classify as handicap accessible. 

You may be wondering about the cost at this point. The handicap shower installation cost will vary from home to home. Similar to if you were interested in a commercial metal roof installation in Fate, TX. The cost wouldn’t be the same for two different building because there are varying circumstances. The same is true with a handicap shower. If you’re looking for the best prices in the Frisco area, look no further than AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC. We are the leading, niche experts when it comes to handicap and walk-in showers.

Benefits of a Handicap Shower Installation

Before going through with anything, it’s important to go over everything. There are many pros and cons to a handicap shower installation. Of course, we do believe there are more pros than there are cons. If you’re wondering if a handicap shower installation is a good investment, we’d absolutely say it is! Here’s why.

  • More Accessibility: With a lower threshold or curb, it is much easier for just about anyone to access the shower. This is often the main complaint with regular tubs and showers. It’s much easier for someone with a wheelchair to roll right in and use their shower.
  • Easier Cleaning: Believe it or not, but cleaning an accessible shower is much easier than you may think. There are fewer joints and seams that need to be cleaned. More than that, there is no bending or leaning over high barriers to get to certain areas. 
  • Handy Features: Generally, accessible or handicap showers come with a variety of customizable features. This could include massage jets, no-slip floors, permanent or temporary seats, and much more. 
  • Autonomy and Freedom: Probably the number one benefit of an accessible shower is the autonomy and freedom it offers. Many elderly and disabled individuals feel a serious loss of freedom as they grapple with their physical ailments. An accessible shower can allow them the freedom to do something they want when they want.

So an accessible shower installation a good investment? We certainly think so! While there can be some disadvantages, the same can be true for just about any other bathroom feature. A handicap shower can give your elderly or disabled loved-one the opportunity to experience respectful and safe freedom in the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big should a handicap shower be? 
    • According to ADA regulations, which we follow to the letter, state that a wheelchair accessible shower needs to be 60”x30”. This is to allow someone to enter with a wheelchair or use a shower chair. Roll-in showers can be bigger, so long as they meet the ADA regulations.
  • How do I make my shower handicap accessible? 
    • It may not be enough to just add a handicap bar or even just placing a chair in the shower. To make your shower more handicap accessible, you may need to replace it with something that has a lower threshold. This will allow for easy access without fear of injury.
  • How much does a handicap shower cost?
    • The total cost will depend on how much you have done. Additions to your shower will be the cheapest route, costing you in the hundreds of dollars to install. If you are removing and installing a completely new shower, can run all the way up to $5,000 to complete.
  • Can you shower in a wheelchair? 
    • You can, but you will need a specific shower wheelchair. This is a waterproof model that is designed to specifically be used in showers and a few walk-in tubs. With certain models, a shower wheelchair may be a part of the package. You can chat with us about your options. 
  • Will Medicare pay for a walk-in shower?
    • Sadly, for most seniors, walk-in tubs and handicap showers are not considered “durable medical equipment” by the original Medicare guidelines. Because of this, the cost to purchase or install a walk-in tub or shower will rarely, if ever, be covered by Medicare. 
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