How do I make my tub handicap accessible?

handicap accessible tub

What is needed for a handicap bathroom?

You have an elderly parent or other family member moving in soon. Now you’re getting their room ready for them, and in general preparing your home. When that loved one is wheelchair bound, that creates additional concerns, like getting in and out of the bathtub safely. Now, you’re looking at creating a handicap bathroom, including a wheelchair bathtub

When you need to certain requirements for a loved one to accessibility, meeting those needs in the bathroom are challenging and mystified. While that is important,  the  bathroom still needs to meet the needs for everyone else in the household. Here, we offer some information and tips to give you a guideline that will include the handicapped accessible tub you need.

A Roll-in Shower

A bathtub is difficult for somebody with walking difficulties wheelchair bound person to access for those in wheelchairs or those who have trouble walking. One barrier is the bathtub, so creating a curb-less shower stall will allow the person with special needs full access while leaving it useable for others. It should be large enough to fit a shower chair, wheelchair, or fit a  built-in seat is a good idea.

An Accessible Bath

A wheelchair bathtub will have swinging doors and tall walls, making it easy for the challenged person to enter easily, enjoy a bath, and exit with ease. 

Hardware for Stability

Safety and stability hardware are available today that are functional with style to work with a wheelchair bathtub. The following items can make a bathroom accessible for a wheelchair bound person without making the bathroom look like a hospital: 

  • Grab bars
  • Shower head that removes and has a long hose
  • Easy push/pull motion-sensor faucet handles

Expanded Door Opening

A wheelchair requires a lot of space, especially in the bathroom. Making the door adjustable is essential for a wheelchair bathtub will make it easier enter and exit. A single-user bathroom that meets ADA requirements should include:

  • 30”x 48” access to the sink
  • A 60” or more radiance for wheelchair turning
  • A minimum 16” clearance between toilet and wall

Adjustable Sink Height

Adjustable sink height ability will fit different needs and make using them easier. With the ability to adjust them from wheelchair height to child size height to standard height will make a huge difference in a bathroom. 

Adjustable Toilet Height

An adjustable height for the toilet is as important as an adjustable sink height. This may require a longer base, or the adding base under the toilet.

How do you remodel a handicap bathroom?

The need to renovate a bathroom so that is more accessible for a handicapped person and maintain standard use for others is easier when you have the right professional to guide you.  The following is a guide on the changes needed and how to make those changes effectively.

Choose a design for your bathroom remodeling that will be accessible for the handicapped or older person as well as others like a wheelchair bathtub. It makes bathing easier for the one in a wheelchair to tub bench transfer, but can others use it too?   Start by considering your present needs and what the future will need. Four things you need before starting your bathroom remodeling: 

  • A bathroom to use during remodeling. 
  • Your budget, include special purchases like grab bars, wheelchair bathtub, etc.
  • Advice from contractor experienced with handicap accessibility. 
  • A vision of what you need and want when finished.

How do you replace a bathtub with a walk in tub?

Converting your current bathtub to a shower will need some fore thought and planning. Using the following suggestions can help you navigate the process: 

  1. Determine Placement in The Spacing 
  2. Choose the Walk-In Shower Design
  3. Remove Tiles and Drywall 
  4. Remove the Bathtub
  5. Install Your Walk-In Shower

What size wheelchair accessible tub do I need?

Recommendations by the ADA suggests dimensions for a handicap bathroom be a minimum of 30-inches by 48-inches. This allows ample room for forward or parallel access to all bathroom fixtures. For wheelchair utilization, a 60-inch diameter is recommended for the wheelchair to make a180-degree turn.

hand rail for your stability

What size door is required for wheelchair access?

Accessible folding, hinged, or sliding door should provide a width of 32 inches.  The measurement for a clear width opening should be measured between the door face and the opposite stop. This size of opening will allow the wheelchair bound person to enter the room and ample space to enter the wheelchair bathtub.

The information we’ve provided here is a starting point. Internet searches will find more information and the professional guidance of a contractor that specializes in ADA compliance is always the best route. Call (972) 581-9865 today for your handicap accessible tub installation in Bartonville, TX.