How do you clean a walk in bathtub?

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Keeping your tub at its best

Have you ever wondered how to clean walk in tub? Probably not, but as time passes, society is finding more ways to make life comfortable and convenient for the older generations. First, a way to make taking a shower was made safer for the aging by adding a grab bar to the walls. In recent years, a walk-in tub has been created. For the aging person, these are both wonderful inventions. However, we are left with learning how to clean walk in tub, especially how to clean a walk in tub with jets.  leaves us with the issue of cleaning it.

Can you use a bubble bath in a walk in tub?

Many walk in tubs today have either jets or a whirlpool feature available to provide the user hydrotherapy options, giving the experience of a spa, but at home. It is safe to use bubble bath in a walk in jetted tub, but exercise care in how much of the bubble product you add. Afterward, it is important to clean walk in tub thoroughly after you’ve bathed. 

Traditional bubble baths are formulated to produce a lot of bubbles in still water. With a jetted tub, it will agitate the water, thus making it bubble more, which could overflow the tub. This can be avoided by using a smaller amount of the bubble bath. Because each bubble bath has a different formulation, it could cause problems. Look for a bubble bath that low-foaming, water-soluble, and made specifically for jetted tubs, or jetted walk in tubs. 

To be safe with the bubble bath or Epsom salts addition to your walk in tub, inquire with the company where you purchased your walk in tub. You should also read all the materials that came with your walk in tub from the manufacturer. Remember, whichever product you add your walk in tub for bathing and relaxation, you need to thoroughly clean walk in tub after each use.

Can you use Epsom salts in a walk in tub?

Yes, Epsom salts can be used in your walk in tub in moderation. You must thoroughly clean your walk in tub afterward. Just as you care for your HVAC system with monthly filter change or cleaning to keep it working efficiently, effectively and extend its life, you’ll want to do the same and clean walk in tub after each use, especially when using Epsom salts. 

Will Epsom salt hurt a bath tub?

There are many uses for Epsom salts, a magnesium sulfate, most often by athletes with sprains and sore muscles. It is an inexpensive way to relax your muscles, the water has a “silky” feel to it, making your skin feel softer. Other than that, Epsom salts do little of anything. In fact, scientists argue that for aches, pains, sore muscles, it really has not beneficial help to provide. 

However, if you feel better after soaking in a tub with Epsom salts, no need to worry about it harming your walk in tub as long as you use them with moderation. Just as we have stated already, thoroughly clean walk in tub after each use to extend the life of your walk in tub and keep it working effective and efficient.

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How do you clean a walk in tub with jets?

Walk in tub cleaning isn’t any more difficult than cleaning a traditional tub, other than you should clean it more often, with the recommendation after each use. Do this by simply rinsing all the surfaces with your shower wand at warm water setting. Experts recommend a weekly task to clean walk in tub with an acrylic-friendly cleaner on all the surfaces. 

Monthly cleaning is a little more detailed because, over time, you’ll notice a buildup of bath oils, body oils, soap residue, etc. This isn’t just on the surface of your walk in tub, it has built up inside of the jets too.

The following will clean the surface and the jets insides, keeping your walk in tub clean and working top performance. You’ll need automatic dishwashing soap and household bleach. 

  • Mix a spoonful of automatic dishwashing soap with one cup of bleach.
  • Fill the tub with warm water just above the highest whirlpool jet
  • Pour the mixture of dishwashing soap and bleach in the water
  • Turn the system on and run for fifteen minutes
  • Drain
  • Fill with warm water again
  • Run the system another fifteen minutes then drain
  • Fill the walk in tub once more with clear, warm water and allow to sit for fifteen minutes
  • Drain
  • Using the shower want, rinse the tub surfaces and then wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth

These steps should be done with a self-cleaning walk in tub as well just to assure all the jets are thoroughly cleaned and all is working as effectively as it should.

While having a walk in tub may be out of the necessity of ease and safety, it is an investment in your home, just as upgrading your HVAC system, a new roof, or any major expense. With that investment, it is only smart to take care of your walk in a system with the proper cleaning and avoiding anything that can damage it. Call (972) 581-9865 today for your walk in tub installation in Bartonville, TX.