Why Choose Pipeless Bathtubs?

What Are the Benefits Of Pipeless Tubs?

Walk-In Tub With Jets

Unlike Traditional Whirlpool Tubs, Pipeless Tubs Allow You To Use Any Soaps, Oils, Or Salts You’d Like!

If you’re in the market for an at-home hydrotherapy tub such as a walk-in tub with jets in Frisco, TX,  you know there are tons of options out there, and the prices aren’t exactly low. To save you some time, allow us to explain the difference between the 3 major types of tubs on the market. There are piped, air, and pipeless systems to create whirlpool bath effects. Pipes and air systems incorporate the use of complex networks of pipes and tubes to move air and water beneath and through the tub. After the tub is drained, water can be left behind to reside in these tubes.

As we all know, standing water left in a dark and damp space is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and of course, potentially harmful bacteria. While manufacturers of piped tubs recommend cleaning with diluted detergent, many owners of these tubs complain of visible filth and gunk spewing from their jets, despite multiple cleanings. That means that after wasting 50 gallons of water or more on a cleaning cycle, your walk-in tub with jets still isn’t fully clean. Air jets have a cleaning regimen of warm air through the tubes, but clearly, that is incapable of destroying bacteria. We here at Lone Star Walk In Tubs understand that to truly have a sanitary tub, you need to be able to see and clean all areas of the tub that come in contact with water. That’s why we only sell high quality Purewater Pipeless whirlpool tubs, powered by Sanijet. 

Cleaner, Safer, More Relaxing

When you have a Pipeless tub, your luxurious whirlpool bath experience is improved, as well as enhanced. Because all components of the bath can be cleaned, you are welcome to use any bath additives you could use with a non-whirlpool tub, including aromatic oils or salts. To clean the tub, simple pop of the jets and put them in the dishwasher, or wash them by hand in the sink. While those are washing, you can easily clean the remainder of the tub as you normally would. Our Pipeless bathtubs provide you with a cleaner, and more relaxing bath experience, and when paired with the reliable walk-in tub design, you can safely enter and exit the tub, regardless of your mobility needs. If you are looking for a sanitary walk-in tub with jets in Frisco, TX, call us today at (972) 695-3027 to learn about the cleanest option on the market We offer high quality walk-in bath and shower options for seniors and persons with disabilities, and you can get started today with a completely free in-home consultation. Speak with an expert today!