Shower Seat

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Learn More About a Shower Seat

Your shower is an essential part of your home that provides cleanliness and a sense of refreshment. When you’re looking to improve on the accessibility of your shower consider installing a shower seat. Shower seats can be used for support as well as stabilization when someone needs assistance in the shower. There are a variety of shower seats out that that may be able to match with your preferences. Get in contact with your local services in order to get a shower seat that’s right for you and your property. Here is a little background information regarding a shower seat that may prove useful in the meantime.

What is shower seat for?

A shower seat is included in showers in order to provide stability for the elderly or those with disabilities. They will provide for a comfortable resting area when showering in order to prevent falls. Some shower chairs will even assist in having an individual safely getting in and out of a shower.

Does insurance cover shower chairs?

Shower seats or chairs are typically not considered a medical necessity so Medicare won’t categorize it as a piece of durable medical equipment. If you have Medicare you will most likely have to pay for a shower seat out of pocket.

What is a handicap shower seat?

A handicap shower seat will have to follow certain regulations as implemented from the American Disabilities Act which is a set of standards that are upheld by law to make the country more accessible to individuals with disabilities. In order to meet ADA requirements for shower seats, the seat must be able to withstand 250 pounds of force. With sizing there will be different standards used for ADA roll-in showers or ADA transfer showers which will require either a rectangle or an L-shaped shower seat. These shower seats must be folding and installed on the sidewall next to the controls and will extend from the back wall to a point within three inches of the shower entry. With rectangular shaped folding benches the seats rear edge should be 2.5 inches maximum off of the sidewall with 1.5-inch max off the rear wall. Overall the depth between should be around 15-16 inches.

How do you clean shower seats?

A shower seat may be cleaned monthly with a tile cleaner or a homemade solution of ammonia and water. Tile cleaner will prevent mold and mildew better than with other cleaners. For both of these solutions make sure to use a scrub brush in order to get in-between hard to reach areas and small spaces.

How do you waterproof a shower bench?

If you are constructing a shower bench make sure to cover the wooden frame with waterproof materials such as Wedi. With a horizontal surface, you’ll want to thin-set the bench in case punctures need to be made. Cut the Wedi to fit the measurements of the sides and surface of the bench and caulk the edges generously. Screw-in the material over the correct areas of support and continue with the bench construction process.

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How do I choose a shower chair? 

  • Comfortable
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Wide enough to fit the user. 
  • Padded or contoured.
  • Have drainage holes to prevent water build-up.
  • Fits ADA standards if need be.

How high should shower seat be?

The height for a shower seat will either be a minimum of 17 inches or a maximum of 19 inches above a shower’s floor.

How deep should a shower seat be?

According to the ADA, the standard depth measurement for the back to the front of the seat should be between 15-16 inches.

How big should a shower be to have a bench?

A shower seat can be customized to fit the dimensions of a shower’s floor space yet shouldn’t infringe on the floor space. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the standard height of a shower seat is 17-19 inches with a depth of 15 inches.

How do you Slope a shower bench?

A shower bench should be sloped from the top of the bench ¼ inches per foot toward the front. This will allow for water to drain off of it rather than collecting at the back.

Get in Touch With a Professional For Installation

If your looking to add a shower seat to your property get in contact with a professional company that is certified to construct or implement shower seat installation. A knowledgeable team will be more able to customize your options in order to better fit with the dimensions of your property. A shower seat is a great way to add comfort and stability to those who are need of a smoother showering experience. See how a shower seat can benefit you by calling your local professionals for assistance today. 

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