Tub or Shower: Which Walk-in is for You?

You’ve reached the point where a walk-in would be very helpful for your family. Should you go with the walk-in tub? Would an accessible shower work better? It can be a difficult decision. Here are some considerations that can help you pick between the walk-in tub or shower.

Water Costs

A Safety Handle in a Shower

Deciding Between a Walk-in Tub or Shower? Consider Your Water Usage.

How much water will you be using for each wash? For seniors on a monthly budget, choosing an accessible shower may save you money on your water bill each month (depending on how long you stay in the shower). If you’re leaning toward a walk-in bath, try and see how much water it takes to fill up each model. You may be able to save a bit of money with a few simple questions.


Safety is a concern for seniors when it comes to walk-in tubs and showers, but what about comfort? Many homeowners love baths for their luxurious comfort, but others prefer the time-saving nature of showers. Some shower models provide a safe sitting space for seniors, but it’s smart to talk with your spouse to decide which would work best for your needs.

Square Footage

Square footage may not be a concern for larger homes, but square footage is still a finite resource. Walk-in bath tubs tend to take up a bit more space than showers. For homes with limited square footage, accessible showers often provide a less crowded environment for your bathroom and make it easier for spouses to get ready for the day.

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