What Does Accessible Shower Mean?

Bath Tub With Walk-In Plastic Door

Provide Ease & Comfort of Use With an Accessible Shower

When you have an occupant or you yourself are interested in making improvements to your lifestyle consider an accessible shower. With the many different types of people and conditions in the world, you may find that these additions to your home or business can be of particular use.  It’s important to get in touch with a qualified professional whenever you are interested in adding any accessible shower accessories or additions. Just like high velocity mini duct system repair, such things as low threshold shower installation require precision and care in order to provide safety as well as comply with ADA (Disabilities Act) standards. With an accessible shower, you can incorporate a variety of options that can provide ease and comfort to your home or business!

What do you mean by accessibility?

Accessibility as a term refers to the design of products, services, devices, and environment for those with disabilities. These standards make things accessible to not only those with disabilities but for those without as well. 

Accessible Shower Requirements

Accessible shower requirements are many but for the betterment of accessibility and safety. Such instances or rules could require that there be at least 18 inches minimum for vertical grab bars in addition to any horizontal grab bars that are in an accessible shower or toilet. When a handheld showerhead is requested the hose must be 59 inches that can be used both in fixed position or handheld. It’s important to consider that dimension guideline are specific to the space in which the shower or bathroom will be in operation. From stalls, tubs to rooms each have to keep a clearance standard in mind so there aren’t obstructions in the way of movement and travel.

How wide does a shower door need to be for a wheelchair?

A wheelchair accessible shower door should typically have a 32-inch width to meet ADA accessibility standards.

Accessible Shower Enclosures

Accessible shower enclosures can include the additions of accessible shower doors which can assist in allowing participant from entering showers with ease without tripping or bumping limbs. Some easy accessibility additions can be collapsible water retainers, low thresholds, walk-in tub doors or even the absence of an enclosure with the room itself being accessible through the door of the bathroom. Some can incorporate slip resistant floors for wheels or walking.

Accessible Shower Accessories

Some possibilities for an accessible shower accessory could be grab bars, glide bars or handheld showers. With a glide bar, you can adjust it to a different height as well as have it double as a grab bar. Another shower accessory that could be of assistance would be weighted shower curtains or rods which can protect against any sudden falls. To protect against hot water injuries you could combine your shower with a pressure balance ADA shower valve. The addition of a soft rubber collapsible water retainer is beneficial in that it can adjust to being rolled over or stepped on. It’ll prevent water from escaping while maintaining a barrier-free threshold when entering or leaving the accessible shower.

How much does a roll in shower cost?

A roll in shower kit with a grab bar and shower bench will usually cost around $2,800. Other materials and installations will add to the cost.

Accessible Shower With Seat

There are various types of accessible seats that can be of use for your accessible shower. There are shower benches that can either be padded or made of wood and when not in use can be folded up against the wall. These fold down seats can be made with legs or without legs. For businesses, there are L-shaped designs that can comply with Federal ADA (ADAAG) guidelines. There can be rolling shower commode chairs, bath seats, or folding shower chairs with arms and backs. Essentially a shower seat for your home or business is ideal to avoid bathroom slips or falls as it incorporates a safe sitting option.

Accessible Shower Area With Handrail & Seat

Reasons To Get An Accessible Shower

  • Prevents slips and falls.
  • Adjustable water pressure.
  • Safe thresholds.
  • Resting seats.
  • Comfort and ease of use.

Contact A Professional For Assistance

As with any type of installation or addition to your home, certain measures must be met in order to comply with national laws like ADA requirements. It’s important to make adjustments with whatever may be required for your particular case and requests. A professional will be able to work with you on your needs while providing you with materials and installations that will provide security, comfort, and ease. When you’re wondering how to install wheelchair accessible shower your local services will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. Get in touch with a professional today for more information.

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