What Does Low Threshold Shower Mean?

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Learn More About Low Threshold Showers

Your bathroom shower is the place where you go to relax and incorporate a vital part of your routine to feeling refreshed. It’s important that use is easy and accessible in and out of the tub. When it comes to easier accessibility, a low threshold shower is great to consider for your property. A low threshold shower will not only have easier access but also provide a contemporary look to your bathroom. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of materials and styles so that you may enjoy your shower for years to come. As there are many specifics when it comes to a low threshold shower, make sure to contact a qualified shower company to get the guidance needed for your requirements and goals. Until then, here is some general background information regarding a low threshold shower that may prove of use to you.

What is the step into a shower called?

The step that you walk over to enter the shower, or the front edge of the shower, is referred to as the threshold. This curb will keep water in the shower pan.

What is the difference between shower pan and shower base?

A shower pan is the actual shower floor that you step on and the base is the structure underneath the shower itself. Both will channel water into the drain.

What is a low threshold shower?

A low threshold shower will only have a small area to step over in comparison to tubs where they are larger. This will allow for people who have mobility issues to have easier access in and out of the shower. 

How tall should shower threshold be?

The standard height for a shower curb in the US is two inches above the drain. Threshold heights can vary by half an inch to two inches based on the shower or pan’s designs and sizes. There are standard codes that dimensions must have in the US and these dimensions can vary especially if a low threshold shower is needed. There are also requirements that accommodate dimensions for those with special requirements or disabilities.

Does a shower pan need to be level?

Depending on the type of shower pan that you may have you may need to install a mortar or shim it up. In either case, leveling the pan with installation will ensure proper fit.  

What is a zero clearance shower?

A zero clearance shower is a zero threshold shower that is considered walk-in as the bathroom and shower floor are flush with no dam. There won’t be a sill or lip to step over which makes it easier for those in wheelchairs to enter.

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How do you keep water in a curbless shower?

  • Sloping Floor: slope should not exceed half an inch per foot, have it slope the floor subtly toward the drain. If it’s steeper it will make it difficult for wheelchair-bound individuals to remain level when using the shower.
  • Linear Trench Drain: involves a narrow trough across the floor at the opening of the shower covered with a perforated grate that allows water to flow through the trough. May be used with sloping floors or alone. If it’s used as a sole means of water containment have multiple drain lines to avoid blockages.  
  • Collapsible Threshold: aka water dam; easily compresses beneath weight and springs back up to prevent water from escaping beyond a perimeter. Is wheelchair accessible.
  • Weighted Shower Curtain: make sure it’s long enough to almost touch the floor without bunching or dragging.

Are Curbless showers more expensive?

As a curbless shower will require proper waterproofing on the walls and floors it will require more labor and materials so costs may vary.

What do you use for shower threshold?

Marble materials can be a good choice for the threshold of the bathroom door or around the shower. A marble barrier will be able to effectively mark boundaries and keep water from going into other areas.

What is the best material to use for a shower pan?

There are many materials for your shower pan that you may consider such as composite which are built to be very durable, watertight, and avoid leaks from coming through or underneath the shower pan. Consider this option to prevent water damages in the future. Ultimately the types of materials are numerous, speak with a professional to learn more.

Install a Low Threshold Shower With a Professional Company

If you’re in the market for a low threshold shower rely on a well-established company to assist you. Only with a professional will you get top-rated recommendations that will match your needs. Installations will be secure and will match with your specific property specifications. You can ensure that dimensions will match with requirements and accessibility will be easier for all who utilize the shower. Get in touch with an expert regarding a low threshold shower today and enjoy easier shower use.

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