What is a Low Threshold Shower?

An Accessible Shower.

What is a low threshold shower?

If you or your loved one has any difficulty with mobility and you have an older shower in your home, you may have trouble getting in and out of it because it is a high barrier or high threshold shower. You may, for instance, have a shower and tub combo. This means you will have to take a significantly high step to get into the shower. A high threshold puts you at greater risk of slipping and falling and getting hurt. Getting a low threshold shower installed reduces that risk. The threshold for a walk in shower may have only a slight step up or even no step up to get inside. Some may be installed with seats or bars for better balance and may also have showerheads that can be detached or lowered. If you or someone you know has mobility issues and you are considering low threshold shower installation in Bartonville, TX, check with the experts at Bartonville, TX. We provide a wide range of low threshold and walk-in tub solutions. Find out how we can help by calling (972) 581-9865.

How do I build a free barrier shower?

Installing a free barrier or low threshold shower is not an easy task. Unless you have the right tools and skills, it’s recommended that you have a professional build one. If you do plan to take it on as a do-it-yourself project, here are some tips to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

  • Install non-slip materials.
  • Make sure the slope of the floor is recessed properly to manage water flow. The structural integrity and safety of the bathroom must be considered.
  • A linear drain is preferable because only a single slope is needed.
  • The waterproofing barrier will need to be placed under the tile or stone finish.
  • Place doors so that they swing away from people coming in.
  • All showerheads, controls, sprayers, and storage niches should be placed where people either seated or standing can reach them.

How low can a shower curb be?

The shower curb creates the border between the bathroom floor and the shower floor pan. It’s designed to keep water in the shower. When installing a low threshold shower, you want to make sure the curb is as low as possible. Typically, shower curbs are built to be at least 2 inches above the top of the drain, which is a minimum building code standard. Anything lower could cause major drainage and overflow issues. 

Low threshold shower with seat

Often low threshold showers are installed with seats. This helps someone with mobility issues to comfortably shower without risk of slipping. The seats can be attached to the shower wall or some are molded as one piece as part of the shower. Showerheads and other attachments and accessories need to be situated low enough for the seated person to use them.

Low threshold shower kits

Many manufacturers make preassembled low threshold shower kits. These kits often include seats and drains. These kits are ADA compliant. You want to make sure any low threshold shower, whether from a kit or custom made is ADA compliant. This will ensure that any person with limited mobility will be able to use the shower with no problems. When you want to make sure your shower is installed properly, get help from experienced professionals like those at AZTX Walk In Tubs, LLC.

Shower curtains for low threshold showers

If you have a low threshold shower or no barrier shower, depending on the design, one problem you may have is finding a shower curtain that will fit the shower and stay put when you’re showering. While many shower curtains may fit the shower, water pressure of almost any level can cause lighter weight curtains to fly about. This gets water everywhere. When you’re installing a low threshold shower, you want to find weighted shower curtains to prevent this problem. There are many good brands on the market today.

What is a tub threshold?

Like many showers, your bathtub has a threshold, too. This is basically the part that rises up to keep the water in. It’s usually a solid molding that you have to step over to get in the tub. When you get a walk-in tub you have an opening and a door that allows you to step inside the tub for a good warm bath or soak. 

What is the difference between a soaking tub and a regular tub?

Most people, whether they live in a house or an apartment, have a basic bathtub. The tubs are usually pretty shallow, and no matter how high you fill it, you normally won’t be able to fully cover yourself in water. These tubs are usually about 2 ½ feet by 5 feet and about 14 to 15 inches deep. Soaking tubs come in a variety of sizes and are usually about 20 inches deep. You can fill these tubs to the point you can be fully submerged.

A Low Threshold Shower.

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