What is a stall shower?

shower stall

Installing a seated shower stall

A bathtub is for sitting to bathe and a shower stall is for standing to bathe, right? So why would your shower stall need a shower seat? For a young, agile, healthy person, there may not be any reason, but an elderly person, a person healing from an injury or surgery, or an expectant mother, that shower seat or bench is a wonderful addition to any shower stall. 

There have been single shower seats that you can purchase to use in the shower, they have rubber feet to keep them from sliding around. You could get shower seats with backrest or without. Today, you can have a shower seat built into your shower, where it almost looks like one piece. 

With the advanced in shower seat ideas and designs, there are many options you can get for your shower seat. Like a shower seat and storage, the various colors, patterns, and textures. It appears there is more to know about shower seats and shower stalls than what most of us realize, read on and you may learn a few things: 

What sizes do shower stalls come in?       

When homeowners are remodeling or updating their bathrooms, converting the tub into a walk-in shower is often at the top of that list. Most will go with a prefab unit from the local home improvement big box stores. Others will choose a customized walk-in shower with a shower seat, handles, and other small upgrades. A shower seat for elderly is important if you have elderly family member living with you. 

Why are walk-in showers such so desired now? It creates more space in a bathroom, or the illusion of more space and provides a clean-line appearance, almost monochromatic. Other reasons for walk-in shower desires: 

  • A shower is quicker than a bath
  • Door closes off and keeps water inside better than shower curtain
  • Easier to get in and out
  • Showerhead settings to massage the back, head, shoulders, etc.
  • Multiple shower nozzles available

The smallest a pre-fab shower comes in an interior dimension of 32 inches by 32 inches. There are pre-fab units that are larger, 36 inches by 48 inches, giving you more elbow room.  If you’re going with a customized walk-in shower, you can get it as large as you want that fits within the space allotted for a shower. If you’re going to have a shower seat, the larger size would be more comfortable. 

How high should shower seat be? and How deep should shower seat be?

Both the International Code Council and the National Kitchen & Bath Association advise that when designing and planning a custom shower with a shower seat, allow the guidelines as to set forth and  eliminate any options that may violate these codes. 

If the built-in shower is being added to comply with doctor’s orders, they will usually have specific recommendations how install shower seat that accommodates any specific treatment process. These specific recommendations would include any specifics for a shower seat as well. 

A should be no less than 900 square inches according to the International Residential Code, or 30” X 30”. It is their recommendation to have a 30”round disc to use for measuring guidelines when adding a built-in shower seat or bench to assure meeting all code inspections. The shower should be large enough to accommodate the shower bench or shower seat, leaving room to maneuver in the shower comfortable and safely.  

Showerhead in shower stall

A Few Words on Designs and Styles

The first step in choosing a built-in shower bench or shower seat is the style you like and fits your shower. Common choices are rectangular or square bench or a corner shower seat. An elaborate and elegant customized shower will sometimes let the shower bench or shower seat be the centerpiece of the masterbatch. 

  • For a smaller shower area, the built-in corner shower seat is popular because it can service multiple purposes. Not only is this a shower seat, but it is a place for resting your leg as you shave. It is also used to place toiletries or to sit and wash your feet. 
  • Using the same tile for the built-in corner shower seat will keep the aesthetics smooth and in unison. 
  • Shower seat with rounded edges are more comfortable when sitting. 
  • The built-in corner shower seat is good for larger shower setups up too. 
  • A built-in shower bench provides the same shower seating but can be designed to extend the same width as the shower, even wrap around for style
  • A larger shower design will allow room for a shower seating or shower bench with a footrest. 

Another option to consider is the floating shower bench, which requires being built and installed by a professional. This is ideal when there are limits of space in the shower, but shower seating is desired or needed. A floating bench is a single stone slab and when installed by a professional will have the appearance of a floating in the shower, much like floating shelves in the bedrooms. Call (972) 695-3027 today.