Why You Should Choose a Pipeless Tub

If you have never heard of a pipeless tub, you are not alone as most people haven’t. Most bathtubs use air or pipes to create that whirlpool sensation, but these methods are cesspools for bacteria growth. In a piped tub, even after the water is fully drained, the faucet, interior of the tub, and soap dish are still wet, giving a whole breeding ground of bacteria like mold, mildew, and soap scum to grow. Regular piped tubs leave behind moisture which leads to mold growth, making you require new faucet installation in Anna, TX. Pipeless tubs like the Purewater Pipeless bathtub, use specialized motors instead of hidden pipes to circulate water that creates the whirlpool effect. If you are wanting a pipeless tub installed in your Frisco, TX home, call Lone Star Walk In Tubs, LLC at (972) 695-3027 today.

accessories on edge of bathtub

A Pipeless Tub Is The Only Tub That Offers A Thorough Cleaning!

Benefits of Getting a Pipeless Tub

  • These parts are easily removable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or sink.
  • Relaxing additives like bubble baths, essential oils, bath bombs, and petals can be added to your whirlpool pipeless tub without worry of residue since the parts can be removed and cleaned.
  • Pipeless tubs come in walk-in versions for those that need the extra safety precautions.
  • You can save over 50 gallons of water per bath and cleaning cycle with a pipeless tub compared to a pipe or air tub since this one kills all germs.
  • Pipeless tubs are the most sanitary bathtub available, so they are good for people with low immune systems.